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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Projects and activities


Europe’s High Nature Value farmed landscapes are of great importance for our future, because they provide sustainable farming and therefore long-term food and environmental security. Transylvania’s farmed landscapes are prime examples, probably the largest area of HNV farmland in Europe, a living historic landscape, with intact ecology, in which farming and biodiversity are in equilibrium, and supporting many rare habitats and species. Transylvania has some of the most significant areas of wildflower-rich grasslands in Europe - our most threatened type of habitat, almost completely lost in much of western Europe. These man-made semi-natural landscapes are the result of good husbandry over hundreds of years. They are source of income for millions of farmers today. Only they can conserve this unique area successfully.


This landscape is threatened by poor rural incomes, abandonment or intensification of land use, and lack of awareness of the value of the area. Measures to conserve the biodiversity of the area will only succeed if developed and carried out in close cooperation with local people, so that local communities support them, and benefit from them.

Response: a range of innovative and practical projects responding to the threats to the landscape and to its small-scale farming communities

Fundatia ADEPT is implementing a broad range of conservation and rural development projects aimed at practical conservation linked to local economic and social benefits. Measures are described under the following sections:

BiodiversityBiodiversity: field surveys of habitats and species led to inclusion of the area in the EU’s Natura 2000 network. We are now examining relationships between traditional farming systems and wildlife in the project area, significant for conservation at European level.
FarmingFarming: developing incentives so that local people benefit from biodiversity conservation, including practical and effective agri-environment measures suited to the area, and grants based on recognition of the landscape as Natura 2000 and High Nature Value.
Local productsInnovation and local economy. Developing a brand linked to the high biodiversity image of the area will help the local economy. We are promoting good standards and marketing to add value to food and other local products including responsible rural tourism.
CommunityCommunity. We are developing training courses and public awareness   programmes: books, school programmes, posters, newsletters and village festivals, essential to gather local support for conservation and understanding of its potential economic benefits.
BiodiversityEducation: Angofa Nature School
ADEPT is using an abandoned schoolhouse as an education centre for schoolchildren, including children from vulnerable communities and diabled children. It will give a better understanding of nature, and a greater appreciation of their landscapes, to children from villages in the area, and from nearby cities such as Sighisoara and Targu Mures. There are no dedicated nature schools in Romania, so this fills an important need.
Angofa will provide dedicated and well-designed, up-to-date nature training to a large number of children; over 1,000 children each year are within the immediate catchment area, at schools in the 8 communes with which we already have contact. Innovative equipment will also allow us to cater for sight- and hearing-impaired children from a wider area. The school would also offer some vocational training. Nature education in itself has broad indirect benefits on children’s’ attitudes to learning, to community and society, to health and to general responsibility.


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