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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


Linking visitor experience with local incomes

There is now a wide range of food, culture and walking activities for tourists visiting the Tarnava Mare area, available both to independent travelers and through tour operators. They are described in a series of booklets - Food and Culture, A Taste of Transylvania, Tarnava Mare Walking Trails (includes detailed route descriptions). These can be obtained free from the Tourist Information Centre and other tourist outlets in the Tarnava Mare area, or downloaded from our publications section.

In addition, a 1:50,000 tourist map is also on sale for the whole Tarnava Mare area, and guides to birds, wildflowers and butterflies of the area will be on sale from Spring 2009, through the same outlets, and from Amazon.

A prominent French ornithologist visiting the area in July 2007 was so impressed with the birds he recorded that he wrote this list for future visitors.

The price for each activity is passed to the local supplier - craftsmen, food producers, guides, etc, minus a small booking fee to help support the Tourist Information Centre. Visitors can also make voluntary contributions to the community fund. Please note that some prices may change during the season.

brand imageFor further information visit  especially the Activities section. 

This website provides information, in English and Romanian, for people interested in visiting the area, and for those interested in obtaining the special local products of the area.



Discover the Tarnava Mare area



Walking brochure

The ancient cart-tracks between villages are being marked and mapped so that visitors can move from one village to another on foot, horseback and mountain bicycle, as well as the traditional horse and cart, creating a network of villages offering accommodation.

Walking brochure
Tarnava Mare Walking brochure with detailed maps of the long-distance trail and shorter walking routes in the area.

publications for download.


Tourist maps

tourist mapsADEPT in collaboration with designer Bogdan Florescu have published a series of tourist maps:

1:50,000 map of the Tarnava Mara area

1:25,000 map of the Ţara Branului area
Available from Saschiz Tourist Information Centre, and by ordering here: see publications for more information.

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