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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


Art of Dar

The Art of Dar is a product that combines the unique food products of Transylvania with highest quality Transylvanian crafts.

Art of DAR      
The product line was launched in SIAL world food trade fair in Paris, in October 2012. It is sold in limited numbers; 1,000 for each product: 1,000 to be sold, for 365Euros each, and the final one to be auctioned internationally. See film clip here.

The unique qualities of the product, and its position as the most expensive jam in the world, have created wide media attention. Art of Dar is a flagship product which has successfully raised the profile of Transylvanian products.

Crafts can be a source of diversified rural income, either directly, or as packaging for traditional foods, or as workshop tourist attractions.

Craft basketADEPT has developed an inventory of crafts which has already been used in 2007 for guiding tourists towards local activities and is incorporating local crafts into food packaging.
Orange Romania has given a boost to local craftsmen and women in their choice of Târnava Mare area to provide 700 Christmas baskets for clients in 2007, and 3,500 for their staff in 2008. They contain locally made herb teas, palinca, jam and honey.

This is also an ideal way of spreading more widely the vision shared by Orange Romania and ADEPT.

Traditional charcoal production
 charcoal mking

Traditional charcoal-burning, using techniques that have died out in western Europe, represents a sustainable use of coppice woodland

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Crafts can be a source of diversified rural income, either directly or as tourist attractions.

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