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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Farm guesthouses

HRH The Prince of Wales’s property in Viscri

There are many farm guesthouses in which visitors are offered a rare opportunity to feel the atmosphere of these faithfully restored Saxon farmhouses. Meals are provided by the farmhouse owners, and eating in a cool Saxon courtyard in the heat of the summer is a delight – as are the home-produced meals (plus copious wine and plum brandy) that you will be offered.

One of these guesthouses is the 18th century farmhouse in the Saxon village of Viscri acquired by The Prince of Wales in 2006. The house was recently restored as a guesthouse to help promote sustainable tourism in Transylvania.

Kalnoky kalnoky bedroom 

This traditional Saxon house is managed by Count Tibor Kalnoky, who was asked to furnish and prepare the house based on his experience in restoring his own family estates. Fundatia ADEPT can offer visitors to the house a range of activities and guided tours, so that they can discover the magic of Transylvania.

The house has been restored to maintain some of the atmosphere from its earlier life. It has been made comfortable enough for use as a guesthouse, while respecting its original character. There are three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen as well as a terrace with benches and a long table.

To learn more about the Prince’s house in Viscri, and to make reservations, visit Count Kalnoky’s Estate website here.
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To make reservations in a range of farm guesthouses in the Tarnava Mare area, and to arrange programmes, visit or contact the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz.


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The OAT (Organic, Agricultural, Training) Farm was established by FARA in 2003, at the suggestion of FARA’s Patron The Prince of Wales. The guesthouse is in the foothills of the Carpathians in northeastern Romania, near the unique 15th Century painted monasteries. For further information and bookings, visit the FARA website
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