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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


The development of the Tarnava Mare Local Action Group

LEADER logoLEADER is the EU rural development measure by which local communities are given more control over local development budgets.

It is based on the establishment of Local Action Groups (LAGs) to guide the use of development funds. Under LEADER regulations, LAGs must represent local authorities, local business interests, community groups and NGOs active in the area. Local authorities are not permitted to make up the majority of LAG committees, to make sure that decisions about the use of LAG funding are genuinely community-based and not used as an extension of local authority funding.

From 2010-2013, each LAG will receive a large annual budget, under the National Rural Development Plan, and it will be up to each LAG to decide on what projects the budget can be spent. Thes may be private commercial projects, so long as there is community benefit, or may be projects carried out by community groups such as schools, agricultural associations.

ADEPT stimulated the establishment of the Tarnava Mare LAG in May 2007: the committee includes local authorities (8 Town Halls), and community and business representatives of the 8 communes. The Tarnava Mare area has been selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as one of Romania’s 40 pilot Local Action Groups.

The LAG committee has met regularly since it was establsihed in 2007. In 2008 since there will be concrete measures, with some funding, to discuss.

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