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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

EU Life Nature: Saving the Important Pastoral Ecosystems of Transylvania (STIPA) 

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Reports to be downloaded

Final report

Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania - LIFE  STIPA - Final Report (EN)Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania - LIFE  STIPA - Raport Final (RO)

Click on images to left for English and Romanian versions of the Final Report on the project, summarising for the general reader the reasons for the importance of the area and the habitats, and the actions taken to preserve it. 

Conservation Action Plan

STIPA Conservation Action Plan EN STIPA Conservation Action Plan RO

In December 2012, the STIPA team led by Jan Šeffer of Daphne Institute for Applied Ecology, Bratislava, assisted by Viera Stanova Šefferová (Daphne Institute), Sabin Bădărău and Cristi Maloș (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca) and Nat Page and Răzvan Popa (Fundația ADEPT Transilvania) completed the Conservation Action Plan for the restoration and protection of the two dry grassland habitat in the Târnava Mare area.  Click on image above for download in English or Romanian.

The Conservation Action Plan can only succeed with the active support of local authorities and farmers. We are pleased that this plan has been well received by stakeholders, since it will bring financial benefits to local people through increased productive grassland areas, and increased access to Common Agricultural Policy funding: both Direct Payments and agri-environment payments.

After-LIFE Conservation Plan

After - LIFE Conservation Plan

At project end, the same team of authors completed the After-LIFE Conservation Plan (click on image on left for download).

This contains proposals for actions and funding to consolidate project results and give them long-term viability.

PowerPoint project summaries

Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania | STIPA Presentation (english) Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania | STIPA Presentation (romanian)

Click on images above for downloadable PowerPoint summaries of the project in English and Romanian.

Final Report

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Some ADEPT activities under LIFE Nature STIPA project

HRH The Prince of Wales being shown the Brielmeier by project managers Nat Page (left) and Cristi Gherghiceanu (right) in May 2011, at a gathering of Mayors and farmers from the 8 town halls of the project area. 

Razvan Popa presenting the support payments, and associated obligations, of dry grassland management to farmers in the area.

Schools activities: mountain-bike trail across the grasslands, combined with innovative locally-made flora and faune interpretation panels  (below).

Communication between LIFE grassland projects

The STIPA project is in contact with other LIFE projects that are concerned with grassland conservation.

In 2011 we visited the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (CCAONB) project in UK. CCAONB are responsible for one of the UK’s largest dry grassland sites.

We are also in contact with the LIFE RI.CO.PR.I Project (Restoration and Conservation of arid grasslands in Central and Southern Italy), aimed at recovery and conservation of two dry grassland habitats which share very similar threats with the dry grassands of the STIPA project.

Further details on STIPA Partners page.

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