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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


A feast of flowers, food and fun

“Flori de Camp Europene”: Flower Festival in Viscri, Saturday 30 May and Sunday 1 June 2014             

John Akeroyd describes a weekend of events celebrating the wildflowers of Transylvania.

By the end of May the wildflowers of the Saxon Villages are beginning to look their best. So it was appropriate that ADEPT should host its Flower Festival as May slipped into June. The venue was 125 Viscri, two adjacent village farmhouses that Mihai and Raluca Grigore have sensitively converted into a well-appointed modern guesthouse, spilling across the road into a large grassy courtyard. Flower Festivals, originally instigated by Turizem Bohinj in Slovenia, and supported by Salisbury-based Plantlife International, take place each year in several European countries. ADEPT held one in Saschiz in 2013. Plantlife has linked a number of these countries with the Patchwork Meadow project. They celebrate “Wild Flower Europe”, the natural history, culture and vital importance of wildflowers to human society, and are designed to be fun and attract children and younger people. In Viscri well over 100 people attended, a happy mix of locals, visitors from other parts of Romania and even some British tourists, with many children taking an active part.

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ADEPT wins Award for the best project in the EU for delivering socio-economic benefits to farmers in a protected area

Romania leads Europe again in bringing benefits through sustainable farming

The results of the first year of the EU's Natura 2000 awards were announced on 21 May. The winners received trophies from the European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik, and members of the award Jury.

Fundatia ADEPT’ s work in the Târnava Mare area won the prize for the best project in Europe for bringing Socio-Economic Benefits to farmers in protected Areas (Natura 2000 sites). The Award declaration from the Commission described Fundatia ADEPT’s project as 'an impressive example of Natura 2000 providing economic growth and sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. The project enables farmers to make a better living by working sustainably on High Nature Value farmland, while also preserving a unique landscape with rich biodiversity. Thanks to the project, 2300 farming families in the region generate income of more than €2.5 million annually, and similar ideas are now being applied in other parts of Romania'.

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HRH The Prince of Wales attends the Transylvania Festival in London

HRH The Prince of Wales attended the opening of the Transylvania Festival, held 13-15 May at The Romanian Cultural Institute to celebrate the remarkable cultural landscapes of Transylvania and the work that Fundatia ADEPT has been doing over 10 years to protect these landscape and communities, and the many benefits they bring to Romanian and European society.

The 3-day Festival began with a private view of ‘British Painters in Transylvania’ who are contributing 30% of the sales of their work to ADEPT. HRH The Prince of Wales attended the opening of the exhibition.

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UK Daily Telegraph on the importance of Transylvania's landscapes

10 May 2014: The Daily Telegraph, the UK's leading national quality newspaper, writes about the importance of Transylvania's High Nature Value landscapes, the work and vision of Fundația ADEPT, and the support of HRH The Prince of Wales.
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Fourth Annual Meeting of Family Farmers and Small-scale Producers


Fundaţia ADEPT Transilvania has continued its successful series of events dedicated to Family Farmers and Small-Scale Producers from the Târnava Mare Area. On 2 February the meeting in Sighişoara brought together a range of specialists who have contributed to the support and protection of the area and its people – in fields of biodiversity conservation, community development, marketing and quality labelling, micro-enterprise credits, and rural businesses development.

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2014: Top EU DG Environment prize for bringing benefits to small-scale farmers

ADEPT wins top EU prize three years in succession for bringing benefits to small-scale farmers
In May 2014, ADEPT won top prize for the socio-economic benefits category of the newly-launched Natura 2000 prize from DG Environment. This follows EU top prizes in 2012 and 2013 from DG Agriculture for best communcation with farmers. This shows how ADEPT is crossing policy boundaries, delivering top-quality integrated programmes for the benefit of small-scale farmers in Romania. ADEPT hopes to replicate this successful, innovative model more widely in Europe. more

2013: top EU prize for communications won again in Brussels by Fundatia ADEPT 

9 December 2013, Brussels. For the second year in succession, Fundația ADEPT won a top EU prize for innovative communication with small-scale farmers, with its SMS Family Farms project. The project was developed with communication specialists KAMA System Ltd, and supported by Fundatia Orange and by the Swiss Romanian Cooperation Fund.

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2012: top EU prize for communication CAP Communication Awards

EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos presenting Ben Mehedin with first prize for communicating with farmers under the Best CAP Communication Awards competition.

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