European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) Award 2017

European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) Award 2017, Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

1st Prize, Transylvania Mountain bike trails to revitalise the Târnava Mare cultural landscape, Romania

ADEPT was awarded 1st prize during the 10th international conference for cultural tourism on theme “Cultural Values, Diversity and Heritage: Pillars of Sustainable Tourism for Development’, held on 20 – 21 September 2017 in Sibiu, Romania for  the project “Transylvania Mountain Bike Trail to revitalise the Tarnava Mare cultural landscape, Romania”.

The TBT network has vastly increased the number of responsible tourists, who use the area sustainably, appreciate its natural and cultural values, stay in the area and contribute to the local economy.

Our project has strengthened the relationships in the local network, between tourism service providers, (not only guest houses, but also local artisanal food producers), Town Halls and local communities. It has increased public appreciation of the cultural landscape and  has brought the community together in many ways, some of them unexpected through acting as a catalyst creating viable sustainable tourism networks and promoting local pride and an extra element for sustainable strategies in Town Halls and Local Action groups.

2017 was designated as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by The United Nations 70th General Assembly. This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among all stakeholders (public and private sector, decision-makers) stimulating all parties to collaborate and generate a positive change in policies, business practices and consumer behaviour towards a mores sustainable tourism.

European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) joined the celebrations of the International Year by promoting tourism`s role in the key area of ‘Cultural Values, Diversity and Heritage’.

The conference, organized by European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) in close cooperation with Sibiu County Tourism Association and in conjunction with the Interreg Europe project CHRISTA – Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism (2016 – 2020), pointed the latest trends in the field of cultural values, diversity and heritage towards sustainable tourism for development, including innovation, creativity and sustainable tourism product development.

The ECTN Award enhances the visibility of European cultural tourism destinations, creates a platform for sharing experience and knowledge Europe-wide and promotes networking between destinations and it is based on a contest around annual themes for the benefit of destinations, communities, businesses, citizens and visitors.

The 2017 ECTN Award brought into attention results of actions which have been implemented and which have produced significant results and achievements by destinations related to: cultural values contribution to sustainable tourism, cultural diversity, heritage interpretation facilities for cultural tourism, sustainable management of heritage site, cultural tourism as a driver for sustainable development, smart destinations, place marketing and branding of cultural destinations, European Heritage Label initiatives.

European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) is the only pan-European network for Cultural Tourism Development and promotion. ECTN aims to achieve a high level of collaboration between Members in the field of Cultural Tourism and to establish a close cooperation with the institutions of the European Union and other international organizations, networks and public institutions worldwide. ECTN mission is to bring together the tourism and cultural industry professionals working in different regions of Europe  to exchange experience and information on best practice and to develop new approaches and innovations.

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