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Fundatia ADEPT, founded in 2004, is a biodiversity conservation and rural development NGO based in Saschiz, Romania. Our aim is to give the High Nature Value Farmed Landscapes of Transylvania and their communities an economic future and relevance in the 21st century without sacrificing their sustainability and productivity. These landscapes are an important model for future productive and sustainable farming in Europe.
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Local Benefits for farmers in Târnava Mare Natura 2000 site

What we do


The Tarnava Mare region of Transylvania is one of the most important High Nature Value Farmland landscapes in continental Europe. ADEPT aims to conserve biodiversity, through research leading to practical conservation measures.
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Without local community’s implication no amount of effort can sustain this threatened and vulnerable ecosystem. ADEPT is promoting cooperation measures, which will encourage small-scale farmers to work together, giving them greater economic viability.
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ADEPT works to improve design and implementation of EU and national support measures for these farmed landscapes and farming systems, helps farmers gain access to support and improve markets for their products.

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ADEPT is carrying out an integrated programme linking economic and social benefits with biodiversity conservation, raising local capacity for good management in the future. Scientific research, policy advocacy, knowledge sharing and community engagement.
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List of Business Plans admitted in phase C under ES-VIES Contest

Recent Projects

These are our latest projects that we've put a lot of passion into.

Social Economy - Vector of European Sustainable Integration (ES-VIES)

Entrepreneurship - an excellent career alternative

Antreprenoriatul Dezvoltă Ardealul (ADA) - Entrepreneurship is developing Transylvania


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