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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

ADEPT and the local community

The survival of traditional small-scale farming communities is threatened throughout Europe, and in Romania they are particularly important from an economic and cultural point of view.

The ADEPT project gives as high a priority to the survival of small-scale farming communities as it does to biodiversity conservation. They must each support the survival of the other.

ADEPT is working to raise understanding, among the men, women and children of local communities, of why their area is important, and how its conservation can benefit them. Conservation can only succeed if local communities actively support the conservation vision for the area. Local people will support the vision, not by being coerced by regulations, but by seeing that can offer them and their children a better future.

Schools projects, training, and small-scale community grants are elements of this approach, in addition to the other measures to improve local incomes from traditional agriculture, and diversified activities such as rural tourism.

Vatra Saschizeana community newspaper

Vatra SaschizeanaSince its launch in late 2006, the Saschiz community newspaper has been a great success, delivered each month to every house in the commune (3 villages, 3,000 people). There were monthly editions in 2007 and 2008. Villagers await the new issues, and ask our staff when the next one will appear.
The newspaper has local news, plus announcements, advertisements, even a lonely hearts column! The newspaper also has a series of articles explaining the new rural development programme – this series of articles will be repeated in other regional newspapers.

The design of the paper has been improved by desk top publishing software, and since December 2008 it is being produced in the Town Hall, ensuring its longer-term viability.

The concept will be developed into a Târnava Mare newspaper, to be distributed to all eight communes of Târnava Mare area, in 2009.



Development of Târnava Mare Local Action Group under the EU’s LEADER programme


LEADER is the EU measure for rural development, to give local communities are given greater control over how their local development budget is spent. The measure is based on Local Action Groups (LAGs) which guide the use of development funds.

Fundaţia ADEPT supported the establishment of the Târnava Mare LAG in 2007, which includes local authorities, representatives of local community groups, locally active NGOs and entrepreneurs from the eight communes of the area. The LAG committee met occasionally in 2007-8, and will meet more frequently in 2009 when there will be concrete measures to discuss.

The Târnava Mare LAG has been chosen as a pilot Local Action Group, one of the first wave in Romanian, by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development. The LAG is also a member of an international partnership of Local Action Groups, with four other LAGs from UK and Ireland. The exchange of ideas between these groups has proved to be very stimulating for the village communities of Târnava Mare.


ADEPT and the local community



Small-scale community projects

ADEPT is working to raise understanding, among the men, women and children of local communities, of why their area is important, and how its conservation can benefit them.

The Local Action Group meets occasionally to discuss development strategies, and will meet more often when it has a budget under its control and concrete financing decisions to take.


Involving the community in keeping villages tidy

The management of litter and domestic waste is a problem in many of the villages of the Tarnava Mare area. Two inspiring Saschiz villagers, Anca Calugar and Charlie Dalmasso, have worked with the NGO Aves France, as well as ADEPT, to create a community project to keep their village tidy. They have created simple brochures for schools (see publications) and are also working directly in schools, and arranging stream cleaning and other small environmental projects. We hope that this initiative will spread to other villages in the area. If you want to support this with donations or volunteer labour, please contact them

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