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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


The Historic Countryside of the Saxon Villages of Southeast Transylvania

Historic Villages book
‘This book introduces the remote Saxon Villages district of southern Transylvania in Romania. One of Europe’s least known cultural treasures, the countryside presents a remarkable survival of medieval landscape: fortified churches, unspoilt villages, non intensive mixed farming in ecological balance with nature and wildlife, set amongst old-growth woodland and wildflower-rich hay-meadows. Such natural beauty and richness is no mere assemblage of fragments, but an intact integral whole, of inestimable scientific, cultural and human value’ says author John Akeroyd

The book contains over 120 high quality photographs and is available in English and Romanian and on sale
  -  at the ADEPT Tourist Information Centre, Saschiz for €10 per copy and
  -  by mail order direct from Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Upper Leigh Farm, East Knoyle, Salisbury SP3 6AP, UK for £12 per copy including postage. Please order by sending payment (sterling cheques only) with your name and full postal address.  
Tourist maps

Orange mapADEPT have published the first in a series of tourist maps:

1:50,000 map of the Tarnava Mara area (sheet numbers 1 & 2 – double sided)

1:25,000 map of the Ţara Branului area including trails recorded with GPS (sheet number 3)
Both are available from:
  • the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz, or
  • by mail order direct from Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Upper Leigh Farm, East Knoyle, Salisbury SP3 6AP, UK for £3.50 per copy including postage. Please order by sending payment (sterling cheques only) with your name and full postal address.

    Minimum food hygiene and food safety conditions for small producers

    Condiţii minime de igienă şi siguranţă a alimentelor pentru micii producători This 24-page booklet for small producers was launched in Bucharest in 2008. It was written by ADEPT Foundation, Milvus Group and WWF.

    The aim of the booklet is to clarify the minimum conditions which small producers have to meet after Romania’s EU entry, and to help small producers - so important for Romania’s rural economy, landscape and culture – to prosper within the European Union.

    It is available free of charge in 3 languages, Romanian, Hungarian, English, from the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz.

    The booklet  can also be downloaded here:
    Romanian version (2MB pdf)
    Hungarian version (2MB pdf)
    English version (2MB pdf)

    The booklet has been produced with support of ANSVSA (National Sanitary Veterinary & Food Safety Authority), EU Representation in Bucharest, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Orange Romania, and Ratiu Family Foundation.

    Guides to wildlife of the area

    ADEPT Butterfly BookletADEPT Wildflowers bookletADEPT habitats booklet

    These booklets have been prepared under the STIPA project in order to raise local awareness of the importance of the dry grassland habitats and associated indicator species, and to enable farmers and local schools to participate in monitoring of indicator species.

    Brief Guide to the Butterflies and Moths of the Sighisoara-Tarnava Mare area

    Fundatia ADEPT has launched a Brief Guide to the Butterflies and Moths of the Sighisoara-Tarnava Mare area.

    This fascinating 62-page guide is written by Laslo Rakosy, one of Europe’s leading lepidoptera specialists. The booklet links the butterfly and moth species of the area to their grassland, forest and riparian habitats. The booklet is illustrated with over 100 colour photographs by the author.

    Copies in English or Romanian language versions are available from 
      -  the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz, or 
      -  by mail order direct from Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Upper Leigh Farm, East Knoyle, Salisbury SP3 6AP, UK for £6.00 per copy including postage. Please order by sending payment (sterling cheques only) with your name and full postal address.

    Newsletters of the EU LIFE  STIPA project (conservation of priority dry grassland habitats in Sighisoara-Tarnava Mare area)

    STIPA newsletter1 ian 2011STIPA newsletter2 iunie 2011STIPA newsletter3 ian 2012STIPA newsletter4 iunie 2012STIPA newsletter5 ianuarie 2013STIPA newsletter5 ianuarie 2013

    We have  produced the first five 6-monthly editions of the STIPA newsletter, and distributed to schools and Town Halls throughout the area. They have had a good response. Among other things, STIPA announced the Brielmeier mower’s availability, and the opening of mountainbike trail with schoolchildrens’ competition.

    Farmers Register
    Download here (645k pdf)
    This farm register, designed by ADEPT in cooperation with the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, helps farmers keep the necessary records so that they are not penalised when inspected. Obviously vital for farm viability.

    Farmers Calender
    Download here (3.9mb pdf)
    This calendar, to go on the farmers wall, summarises key dates for farm activities and application deadlines.
    LIFE  STIPA Planner 2013


ADEPT leaflet
ADEPT leaflet.
Download here (1.3mb pdf)

Milk Hygiene Training and From Subsistence to Profit (also called How to live better from my farm)
These simple guides have immediately helped farmers across Romania achieve higher prices for their products, with an immediate impact on farm incomes and farm viability, by providing simple, practical solutions to farmers problems. at a stroke reversing the steep fall in numbers of dairy farmers and of dairy cows. 

CAP Information Measure Final Report

CAP Information Measure Final Report 
Demonstration markets, raising international awareness of CAP support for sustainable agriculture responsive to Europe’s social expectations. Download here (1.6mb pdf)

A taste of Transylvania

A Taste of Transylvania
An overview of the Tarnava Mare area, with map. Download here (1.6mb pdf)

Food and Culture tours
A 12-page brochure describing local food and its traditional production in the Tarnava Mare area. Download here (3.6mb pdf)
Tarnava Mare Walking brochure with detailed maps of the long-distance trail and shorter walking routes in the area. Download here (1mb pdf)

Natura2000 leaflet

Natura2000 in Romania leaflet Download here (1.4mb pdf)
Sighişoara-Târnava Mare Natura2000 leaflet. Download here (1.3mb pdf)

Saschiz brochure Download here (230k pdf) 
Village environmental projects brochure. Download here (2.4mb)

High Nature Value Grasslands Conference brochure(1.9mb pdf).
The conference brochure contains an introduction to the farming systems of the HNV landscapes of Transylvania, with case studies.

Policy Document (1mb pdf).
The policy document describes the need for targeted support of HNV farming systems, and proposals for achieving them under the CAP post 2013.

Mountain Bike trails in Târnava Mare

Mountain Bike trails in Târnava Mare

Funded by Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Funds and EOCA, we are developing a system of mountain bike trails in the area. Download brochure here.

Mountain Trip: Mountain sustainability: transforming research into practice.

In a joint project with several EU countries, ADEPT has developed brochures to help Romanian small-scale farming comunities become more prosperous through better marketing, training and cooperation. Download brochures here:

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