Innovative marketing

Marketing initiavites:

  • Developing modern brand and packaging. See more on:
  • Developing a chain of genuine farmers markets across Romania;
  • Unique publicity initiatives such as CAP Information Measure;
  • Innovative marketing - Art of Dar,  jam and honey, a combination of highest quality fruits and honey with unique craftmanship to creat profile and publicity for the traditions of specific area.

The Art of Dar

The Art of Dar is an innovative product that combines the unique food products of Transylvania with highest quality Transylvanian crafts. The concept is an innovative way of fundraising and support to our activities: for only 1 Euro per day, you contribute to the survival of these unique High Nature Value landscapes and get in return a state of the art product. In addition, we plant an oak tree and name it after you.The product is sold in limited numbers; 1,001 for each product: 1,000 to be sold, for 365 Euro each, and the final one to be auctioned internationally.

The Art of DAR is one of the most exclusive gourmet products from Transylvania, the ideal gift for the ones you want to surprise with a refined, elegant present, valuable in content and concept. Its uniqueness is due to the high quality products coming from a High Nature Value area, remarkable through their authentic taste, cleanliness, without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. The special luxurious packaging and the social and educational act generated by the sale of each product give you more reasons to choose this product!

The jam is prepared using an old, secret recipe and it is bottled in a special handmade glass jar. To give this products the place they deserve, glass artists, carpenters, artisans worked for days to create the package, a real piece of art: handmade silvered glass, handmade support in polished oak with beeswax, hand made silver spoon wrapped in a weaved cloth bag.

The Art of Dar is a flagship product, which in one original action, has successfully raised the profile of traditional Transylvanian food products, crafts and high nature landscapes, in general. The concept was co-created together with our partners from Agapis Foundation, in Valea Barcaului.

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