Top EU prize for Innovative Communications – CAP 2012

The 2012 Common Agricultural Policy Communication Awards

Top EU prize for Innovative Communications

In December 2012, Fundația ADEPT won a top EU prize for innovative communication and Information networks for farmers in Transylvania.

The Local Information Networks project responded to the needs of Romanian small-scale farmers for information on Rural Development Programme measures available to them. At grass-roots level, this project has increased the understanding of the objectives sought by the Rural Development Programme (RDP). Moreover, it has been a successful response to a truly challenging question: how to best to communicate RDP measures at national and regional level.

Local Information Networks has integrated horizontal communication (information delivery to farmers) and vertical communication (linking local implementation to national policy-making) in an innovative way.

Complex information was packed appropriately in information guides in order to offer farmers easily understandable information. Information materials such as Farmers’ Diaries and Farm Record Sheets were designed to help work with the CAP instruments. Today, the Farm Record Sheets are promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture across all the Romanian territory. Key information was designed to be sent to farmers via mobile telephony (SMS) and farm visits were organised.

Local Information Networks convinced by its concrete impact and well-adapted information measures to the needs of the target group. It used an innovative mix of communication tools and channels to address a target group in real need: the small farmers.

The project was supported by Project partners: Norges Vel (Royal Norwegian Society for Rural Development) and Orange Romania.

The CAP@50 campaign came to an end in Brussels on 9-11 December 2012 with the Communication networking event, a yearly rendez-vous of agricultural journalists, farmers’ associations and other relevant EU NGOs, other EU institutions and communication experts from the Member States’ Agricultural Ministries and the European Rural Development Network.

This audience of international communication experts voted in an Award Ceremony the best 12 CAP communication projects from a total of 118 applications.

Quote of the Award Jury: “An inspirational campaign, based on a deep analysis and understanding of the needs of small-scale farmers in Transylvania. A best-practice example at its best!

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