Revival of old local crafts - Saschiz Pottery Workshop

Training of young people from the Saxon Villages region of Transylvania in pottery skills in order to revive the old Saschiz pottery centre renowned for its blue ware since the 1700s.

Funded by: Camelia Botnar Foundation

Project Duration: 2012 - continuous

Budget: £35.000

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project was reestablishing the old pottery centre in Saschiz renowned for its blue ware since the 1700s by training  young people from the Saxon Villages region of Transylvania in pottery skills.

Our aim is to revive the manufacture of traditional local pottery, including further training for local young people and constructing a pottery workshop in the village of Saschiz.

Project Updates

  • In 2012 –2015 period, four young people were trained at Camelia Botnar Foundation’s centre at Cowfold, in the UK.
  • Saschiz Pottery Centre was established and opened in 2015 with the support of Camelia Botnar Foundation and the Saschiz Municipality. The workshop’s aim is to revive the traditional crafts of the Târnava Mare area and to encourage tourism and education, providing tourists and schoolchildren with the opportunity to take part in pottery workshops.
  • The pottery is now productive, offers employment to two young local people, and helps to attract visitors to the area.

Managing Body & Contact

Ben Mehedin

Food&Farming Communities Manager
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Tel: 004 (0) 752 264 580

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