Innovative processing

Advisory materials that are clear, and bring together information required.

For example, the handbook From Subsistence to Profit - How to live better from my farm, which brings together many strands of information including generic design of farm-level or community-level micro-processing units, to help small scale farmers obtain a better income for themselves and their families.

Solar driers for fruits and vegetables.

ADEPT has designed and built eight low-technology solar driers, which were provided free to local families, improving household storage of herbs and vegetables, as well as providing marketable products. The driers were made locally by village carpenters from a template provided by ADEPT. Producers are now selling dried fruit, herbs and medicinal plants: in markets, to visitors in their own courtyard, from the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz.

Community-owned micro-processing unit

Fundația ADEPT has developed a basic model of a community-owned micro-processing unit, easily to be replicated, for village-level food processing, enabling small-scale producers in the area to sell their traditional recipes more widely, while meeting the safety and hygiene regulations set out by the EU. SES Fruleco HNV aims to contribute to local development and social cohesion, with a high potential for generating and maintaining stable employment. Currently, the social enterprise includes seven full-time employees, of which five persons belonging to vulnerable groups. The main objective is to eradicate poverty behaving responsibly towards environmental issues, not to maximise the profit.

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