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One-stop shop for farmers, providing information on a wide range of topics that can be confusing: applications for support measures; how to meet obligations linked to these measures; food safety and hygiene regulations for processing and direct sales; marketing; business planning. Local partnerships can make a lot in solving complex cross cutting issues: social, economic, environmental. The key is direct contact at grassroots level with farmers and other stakeholders and creating imaginative links between their problems and local and national institutions that can solve them. Improved communication solves problems and often all sides will welcome a solution offered by a local partnership. This includes finding solutions to problems of interpretation of regulations which otherwise can block implementation.


The creation of associations, and increased willingness to act cooperatively, is key to the future of these small scale farming communities, because single farmers are not able to compete on their own with larger producers. We have led the establishment of a Local Action Group in Târnava Mare. We have trained village associations to manage themselves more professionally, so that they provide services for their members and trust between members. And we have also led the establishment of a Conferederation of Small Scale Farmers, CATAR, which already represents over 100,000 farmers and acts as a channel of information and expertise.

Fundatia ADEPT has worked to create effective and attractive information networks, including via improved-capacity farmer associations and, together with local partners, have established the Târnava Mare Tourist Association, under the name Discover Târnava Mare. The network promotes responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism as a main driver for the economic growth and development of the Târnava Mare area and, at the same time, as an important tool to promote and preserve the unique High Nature Value landscapes of the Saxon Villages of Transylvania.
The network aims to reduce poverty, to increase revenue from tourism related activities and to foster sustainable development of the area, with permanent emphasis on biodiversity conservation. Through this association Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania wishes to generate market knowledge, to promote competitive and sustainable tourism, to make tourism an effective tool for future development.

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Supporting community grazing

Common grazing is essential to the survival of the small-scale farming communities of the area. However, it is breaking down under economic pressure.

As one example of supporting the establishment of effective common grazing associations, ADEPT has developed an innovative scheme allowing a grazing association access to European support payments. The 40 cow, sheep and goat-owners are using the payments for joint capital investments such as such as mowers, drinking tanks for cattle, improved cattle tracks. This is a model which can be replicated elsewhere in Romania to strengthen and support common grazing. Our experience has shown the key elements to be: management capacity, transparent decision-making, and trust between members. An outside advisor such as an NGO is often needed for this.

Related Projects

Development of a European Private Land Conservation Network – LIFE ELCN

LIFE programme: LIFE Preparatory Projects call for Establishment of a European Private Land Conservation Network ADEPT Pilot action: Building commercial incentives for private landowner cooperation in nature conservation.
Funded by: European Commission
Project Duration: 2017 - 2020 (3 years)

AgriSpin – Space for innovations in Agriculture

The Agrispin Project aims at creating space for agricultural innovations, through amplifying good examples of innovation support systems and through multiactor learning about ways to stimulate innovation and remove obstacles.
Funded by:the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652642
Project Duration: 2014 - 2017 (3 years)

Our Strategic Partners

Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania