For Nature and Local Communities - Basics of a Natura 2000 integrated management in the Hârtibaciu - Târnava Mare area - Olt

Development of the Management Plan for the Natura 2000 site Sighisoara - Tarnava Mare; RO SCI 0027.

Funded by: European Commission (POS Mediu)

Project Duration: 2011 - 2015 ( 4 years)

Budget: 650.000 Euro

Project Objectives

General Objective

Achieve the necessary framework for proper management of the lands and activities of the SPA (sites of avifauna importance) and SCIs (sites of community importance), in order to conserve species and habitats of community and national interest and to ensure the minimum conditions necessary for financing from the European funds as both compensatory payments and for the implementation of sustainable communities' plans and projects for sustainable development.

Specific Objectives

  • Inventory of species and habitats of community interest and the creation of a database for the foundation of SPA and SCIs management
  • Implementation of the integrated management plan for SPAs and SCIs included in the project
  • Supporting local authorities, landowners / managers to implement management measures to maintain the conservation status of habitats and species
  • Achievement of a minimal tourist infrastructure for public use aimed at the protection and management of Natura 2000 sites in the Hârtibaciu-Târnava Mare area
  • Information and awareness raising so that the local communities increase their involvement in the management of Natura 2000 sites and promotion of the area
  • Increasing the institutional capacity to coordinate and manage the Natura 2000 sites included in the project

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Project Updates

  • Implementation of inventory and mapping methodologies for 65 species (28 birds, 5 mammals, over 7 amphibians and 3 reptiles, 15 invertebrates, 7 plant species) and 21 habitat types;
  • Report on land use, land management trends, ownership structure, managers (associations) and threats / pressures on species and habitats of community interest in sites included in the project;
  • Implementation of the area's strategy for an integrated and responsible development of tourism in the area, including a technical proposal for a signalling system;
  • One study on citizens' awareness and understanding of Natura 2000 sites;
  • One study on the socio-economic benefits of the inclusion of the Hârtibaciu - Târnava Mare - Olt area in the Natura 2000 ecological network;
  • Information materials such as newsletters (Gazeta Natura 2000 publicly distributed every 3 months), wall calendars, agendas, school timetables, flyers and posters presenting the area;
  • Meetings with farmers to inform them about protected areas in the area, marketing opportunities for food, public support measures they can access to continue traditional farming practices. Informative guide for supporting farmers in accessing funds;
  • Educational kit about Natura 2000 sites which was distributed to local schools, providing information for 15 teachers and organizing inter-school competitions;
  • Creating the local Transylvanian Highlands brand.

Managing Body & Contact

Cristi Gherghiceanu

Executive President
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Ben Mehedin

Food & Farming Communities Manager
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Tel: 004 (0) 752 264 580

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