Protection of habitats by land purchase 

Protection by purchase of blocks of land of high biodiversity value, that are threatened by land management changes

Funded by: Fauna and Flora International and Grass Valley Trust

Project Duration: 2013- 2018 (5 years)

Budget: 800.000 USD

Project Objectives


High Nature Value landscapes are fragile. Application of artificial fertilizers would seriously damage or destroy the wildflower meadows, allowing coarse or vigorous grasses to invade. The most substantial threats to wild plants and animals and their habitats in HNV landscapes are:

  • intensification of grassland management, with nutrient over-enrichment by fertilizers or high stocking rates, or over-grazing, especially by sheep
  • abandonment of land and cessation of traditional land management practices such as mowing or scrub clearance

Project Objectives

  • Protection by purchase of blocks of land if high biodiversity value, that are threatened by land management changes.
  • Design a model for the conservation of HNV farmed landscapes to protect them and the vital ecosystem services they provide.

Project Updates

So far, ADEPT has purchased over 250 ha of high biodiversity grassland through this partnership, and is managing the land for conservation of wildflowers and associated species. As well as biodiversity protection, the land offers ADEPT the opportunity to carry out demonstration farm management and experiments to measure the biodiversity and sustainable production benefits of certain types of land management.

Managing Body & Contact

Cristi Gherghiceanu

Executive President - Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Răzvan Popa

Technical Director - Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Tel: 004 (0) 752 264 592

Download below the maps with the land purchased by ADEPT
so far in each commune



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