Angofa Nature School - educational activities and their impact.

ADEPT is seeking further funding for Angofa Innovative Nature School.

100.000 € in co-finance are needed (out of 200.000 €)  for school restoring & equipping.  


Marcela Trust has been supporting our project in the last three years

Marcela Trust has been supporting our project in the last three years, so we could build the access road to the school we have redone the resistance structure of the building, the roof and finished the interior building works.

We have also beneficiated of a substantial help from our parteners from  Mozaic Art Sighisoara and Scoala A FI, who donated the tiles for the whole building.

Project Overview


Schoolchildren and teachers
Târnava Mare community


Develop an innovative educational programme


Community engagement in nature conservation

Project Objectives

Equip the school at Angofa, Mun. Sighisoara, with modern teaching equipment and materials to establish one of the few purpose-built such schools in Romania;
Involve 1,000 schoolchildren from Sighisoara and nearby cities, initially focussing on classes VIII-XI, in regular nature and environment classes;
Involve at least 15 teachers in the are in the activities of the project; Improve children’s appreciation of nature and environment. It has been demonstrated that exposure of children to nature and environment experiences has an influence, so that they become responsible citizens in the future whose behaviour (respect for nature, healthy food buying choices, etc.) will benefit from their Angofa experiences;
Provide a model for such schools and classes more widely in Romania.


Over 1,000 children from schools from classes VIII-XI, in the immediate area. The project will also benefit schoolteachers who will receive materials and training to continue nature classes in their own school.

Project Location

Fundatia ADEPT, funded by Fauna & Flora International and the Grass Valley Trust, has purchased 200 hectares within the municipality of Sighisoara, only 3 km from the edge of the town. The land includes the site of the former village of Angofa, of which only two buildings remain – a former Austro-Hungarian schoolhouse and a farmhouse. The high nature value of the land, and its location, make an excellent for the delivery of outdoor and nature based activities and classes to schoolchildren from across the region.

Project Updates

ADEPT has built the old road access from the main road to the schoolhouse, as there was no car access to the building using the local workforce and local materials. The surrounding garden has been cleaned so that it can be used in the future for camping. So far we have finalized the works on the rehabilitation of the building and of the roof. We have reinforced the structure of the house and completely redone the roof. All works have been executed following the original features, architecture and design. The next steps are to start the interior works.

Key Activities

Purchase materials and labour to restore the school building.
Purchase and install modern teaching aids.
Organise classes dedicated to nature.
Develop nature and environment teaching packs.
Engage the schools in ‘citizen science’.
Organize a schools gardens project.
Support teachers to use the centre to deliver a “Scoala altfel” programme
A wildflower meadow project. Hold an annual wildflower festival.

Our Project: Angofa, Innovative Nature School

Fundatia ADEPT, funded by The Marcela Trust, started the Angofa Nature School Project that will allow schoolchildren from Municipality Sighisoara, and more widely from towns/cities such as Cristur Secuiesc, Targu Mures, Medias, to enjoy nature classes in a modern and innovative nature school. The goal of the project is to provide a nature school to teach schoolchildren from classes VIII-XI about the importance of the natural heritage, and of keeping their environment clean. This will be one of the very few purpose-built nature schools in Romania. The schoolhouse was purchased by ADEPT in 2016, and is being restored in 2018. We have the funding to start the work, but we seek co-finance to finish the restoration and instal the latest nature and environment teaching equipment.

Once completed, from mid-2018, the school will carry out regular classes using the purpose-built facilities, backed by field activities in the area surrounding the schoolhouse. Schoolchildren will learn about plants and animals, and about how they depend on man’s care of the environment to survive; and how a clean environment offers healthy food, air and water, and a better quality of life. The project will support teachers to use the centre to deliver a “Scoala altfel”, and offer teacher training so that they can continue interesting environment classes in their own schools.


Your contribution can help us acheive the following:

  • Purchase materials and labour to restore the school building;
  • Purchase and install modern teaching aids, including:
    • interesting interactive models linking bird images to birdsong, and linking plant and animal images to explain why they are important in natural and farmed landscapes;
    • interactive landscape models demonstrating water, waste, ecological damage, ecological features and how to maintain them;
    • booklets for classroom and outdoor use;
    • landscape trails with smartphone-friendly interpretation via QR codes as well as interpretation panels;
    • computer programmes allowing groups to develop scenarios for future landscape;
  • Organise classes in the schoolhouse, taking advantage of the purpose-built facilities, backed by outdoor activities in the area surrounding the schoolhouse;
  • Develop nature and environment teaching packs which can be used more widely in Romania;
  • Engage the schools in ‘citizen science’ by providing children with an opportunity to undertake surveys using materials we have already produced;
  • A schools gardens project through which schools could be allocated small plots for growing flowers/vegetables or for simple farm activity experiments;
  • Support teachers to use the centre to deliver a “Scoala altfel” programme, meeting their obligations to provide outdoor activities in spring each year;
  • A wildflower meadow project through which schools will create wildflower tapestries and hold an annual wildflower festival.

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Social Responsibility of Corporates can step in and offer their support to local communities threatened with abandoment. With your company’s co-financing, we will be able to offer a better sustainable future to rural communities.

If you wish to include our projects in your CSR Strategy, we would be more than happy to discuss more about a possible collaboration. 


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