ADEPT is seeking further funding to increase the quality of life for local communities. Any contribution is more than welcome.  



Small Scale Farmers in Târnava Mare
5.000 families
30.000 people
150 small villages


Improve the living and working conditions for locals
Encourage younger farmers to remain in the area


Community engagement in nature conservation
Motivate young farmer generations to remain in the area

ADEPT and Local Community

The survival of traditional small-scale farming communities is threatened throughout Europe, and in Romania they are particularly important from an economic and cultural point of view.
The ADEPT project gives as high a priority to the survival of small-scale farming communities as it does to biodiversity conservation. They must each support the survival of the other.
ADEPT is working to raise understanding, among the men, women and children of local communities, of why their area is important, and how its conservation can benefit them. Conservation can only succeed if local communities actively support the conservation vision for the area. Local people will support the vision, not by being coerced by regulations, but by seeing that can offer them and their children a better future.

HNV Farmlands

High Nature Value Farmlands (HNVF) are situated in rural areas where traditional farming is the main economic activity and a key factor in nature conservation. Some of Europe’s most important natural and cultural landscapes are found in Romania, especially Transylvania. But they are under threat. It would be a tragedy to lose them now, just as their importance and irreplaceability is being understood.

Traditional Farming

Traditional farming practices are responsible for maintaining many of Romania’s (and Europe's) HNV farmlands, which deliver a host of public benefits (goods and services), including valuable cultural landscapes, high quality water and food, quality of life, recreation opportunities, carbon sequestration, flood control. These unique landscapes bring benefits to the wider society, beyond the communities that live within HNV areas.

Community Engagement

Without local community’s implication no amount of effort can sustain this threatened and vulnerable ecosystem.
ADEPT is promoting cooperation measures, which will encourage small-scale farmers to work together, giving them greater economic viability.

Annual Family Farms and Small-Scale Producers Meeting

Family Farms and Small-Scale Producers Meeting is a popular annual event dedicated to family farmers and small-scale producers from the Târnava Mare area, organized at ADEPT’s initiative, who identified the need of the local farmers and producers to have an open dialogue with the authorities and specialists. The event is a good networking opportunity reinforcing the relationships between all relevant stakeholders in the area.

At the end of each Family Farms and Small-Scale Producers Meeting edition, our farmers receive different gifts offered by ADEPT and its partners.

During the last editions we offered different tools and equipment for the farm use  (gloves & drills, saws, claws & grape scissors, flashlight, boots, milk recipient, vacuum cleaner, electrical milkmaid etc) and vouchers for mowing or vouchers for entertainment (a few restaurants in the area offered us their support as well, by giving farmers the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing dinner in their venues).

This edition’s partners are listed below.

If you want to support our community, you can make a donation either in money and we will buy the products for the prizes session or in products that might be of use to our farmers.

THANK YOU for supporting the organization of our

"Family Farmers and Small -Scale Producers Meeting"  in 2018!


You can also make a difference in one of our farmer's life

  • Donate tools and equipment needed in the farm;
  • Donate different things for the community use;
  • Donate money so we can invest in different equipments than would make Târnava Mare farmers' lives easier;

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Social Responsibility of Corporates can step in and offer their support to local communities threatened with abandoment. With your company’s co-financing, we will be able to offer a better sustainable future to rural communities.

If you wish to include our projects in your CSR Strategy, we would be more than happy to discuss more about a possible collaboration. 


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80.000 ha

HNV landscapes



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