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ADEPT is seeking further funding to protect the High Nature Value Farmed Landscapes of Transylvania, working with and supporting the small-scale farming communities that created them over the centuries.

They are under threat because of lack of social incentives and poor agricultural management.

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Fundatia ADEPT is working in applied research in biodiversity conservation; working with farmers to help defend the long term survival of traditional small-scale communities; working with regional, local and central government to promote helpful policies; and working with other NGOs, community groups and the general public to spread the word about the social, cultural and biodiversity importance of these landscapes and their communities.



This is one of the last great European landscapes, a mosaic of rich habitats and rare animal and plant species including some of the finest wildflower-rich grasslands in Europe. The landscape is still a functioning ecology, man and nature in balance. This low-intensity sustainable agriculture is under threat, although it is increasingly relevant as a model in the world today. Only through the farmer and his continued management can this landscape be conserved.

Our work in the first 10 years has shown the value of being able to react immediately and flexibly to problems or opportunities as they emerge – be they in local development or policy areas. For this, corporate and private donations are an essential, very effective addition to more restricted institutional funding. If you are interested in supporting us in the future, please contact us or use one of the following options.



Some of Europe’s most important cultural landscapes are found in Romania, especially Transylvania. These 'High Nature Value' landscapes provide good food and high local employment; they protect many aspects of local culture, and provide many other spiritual and environmental benefits for the wider European public. But they are under threat. It would be a tragedy to lose them now, just as their importance and irreplaceability is being understood.

Social Responsibility of Corporates can step in and recreate the balance towards a more sustainable future development.


Years of Activity





80.000 ha

HNV landscapes



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